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The Infused Ribbon Rack

The Infused Ribbon Rack

The Infused Ribbon Rack is a handcrafted and custom-built display rack designed to elegantly showcase equestrian ribbons won in competitions.



Stylish Ribbon Display: The ribbon rack is intended to provide an attractive and stylish way to exhibit the ribbons earned through wins in equestrian competitions.


Handcrafted: The rack is meticulously crafted by hand, with attention to detail and uniqueness in each piece.


Ribbon Capacity: The dimensions of the rack (1"x 8"x 4') allow it to hold approximately 12-24 ribbons, with the exact number depending on the spacing between the ribbons.


Wood Selection: The rack is made from carefully chosen wood types such as Aspen, Pine, or Poplar. This selection of wood contributes to the overall aesthetic and durability of the piece.


White Finish: The rack is routed and painted white, adding to its clean and classic appearance.


Refurbished Horseshoe: A distinctive feature is the inclusion of a refurbished horseshoe, which is hand-painted in a chrome finish. This horseshoe adds a touch of authenticity and equestrian charm to the rack.


Unique Touch: The horseshoes used in the ribbon racks are repurposed from champion winning horses on the United States Equestrian Federation Hunter/Jumper A Circuit. This adds a special and meaningful connection to the equestrian world.


Additional Details:

Rack Bar Material: The rack bar is made of aluminum, which can contribute to the rack's sturdiness and longevity.

Hanging Hooks: The rack includes two hanging hooks on the backside, providing ease of installation.


Customization Option: The center of the rack offers open space that can be used for customization. While a name plate is not included, this feature allows buyers to personalize the rack further if desire.

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