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comfort. A Liniment (8oz)

Comfort. A Liniment

Comfort. A Liniment is a natural and soothing gel designed for horses' tired legs, specifically formulated to help with muscle spasms and tension.


Features and benefits, include;

Natural and Soothing Gel: The liniment is designed to be a gentle and natural solution for soothing tired legs of horses. It avoids the use of harsh chemicals with unfamiliar names, promoting a more natural approach to horse care.

No Gloves Needed: Unlike some liniments that might require protective gloves for application, this product doesn't require gloves to be used. The formula is gentle on both the horse's skin and the person applying it.

Transparency and Understanding: Our product emphasizes the importance of knowing what you're applying to your horse. By providing a clear list of ingredients and avoiding obscure chemicals, it allows horse owners to make informed choices about their animals' care.

Aiding Recovery: The liniment is intended to help with recovery after physical activity. Its soothing properties may assist in relieving muscle soreness and tension, which can be particularly beneficial for horses that engage in activities like riding and jumping. 

Therapeutic Essential Oils: The liniment is made using 100% pure therapeutic essential oils, which can have various benefits. Peppermint and spearmint essential oils are included to encourage circulation and decrease inflammation in muscles.

Versatile Use: The liniment is not only intended for horses but can also be used on humans for sore or tense areas. This versatility makes the product safe and effective for both equine and human use.

Usage Scenarios: The liniment can be used before or after a ride to address stiffness, soreness, or discomfort in the horse's legs. It can also be applied to specific areas where tension is held. BONUS: The product aims to provide relief for both horses and humans and can be used on youreself too! 

Ingredients: -- Aloe Vera -- Tea Tree -- Ginger -- Peppermint -- Spearmint

100% Natural & Organic | No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Toxins | Non-GMO

Comfort. A Liniment is a natural and organic gel designed to provide comfort and relief for tired horse legs, with a focus on muscle spasms and tension. Its ingredients, including therapeutic essential oils, are aimed at promoting soothing and recovery. The product's transparency and versatility in use offer a holistic approach to equine and human well-being.

    The Infused Equestrian
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