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Pure. A Bit Wipe (12 pack)

Pure. A Bit Wipe (12 pack)

The Infused Equestrian has invested time and research in developing custom, handcrafted blends to help the equestrian, horse and barn.


pure. A Bit Wipe Towelette - Ditch the harsh chemicals and choose a healthy alternative for your horse. Our blend of ingredients cleans cleans your bits with natural agents and zero toxins. Made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. Your horse will love the taste of purity! Simply wipe the bit clean and let it air dry. Finally, something worthy of your horse's mouth. Qty: 30 per container. 


Buying in bulk rewards you too! The more you purchase the more you'll save.


100% Natural & Organic | No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Toxins | Non-GMO 



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