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The Horse Girl

July 6, 2019

The Horse Girl Co sat down with us for a chat about essential oils, horses and more. They learned [The Infused Equestrian] goes through great lengths to keep the integrity of this product. If you’re curious to know more about essential oils in equestrian products, lucky you. [They] learned more about the science that goes into essential oils and how important it is to be careful of certain “metabolizing” effects. 
Read on, horse girls


May 2, 2019

"Struggle with nerves? Whether it’s before horse shows, public speaking, a big exam, you name it...This rollerball is for you. The In Gate {roller blend } is an amazing oil {blend} to help ground yourself and give you focus." Westphalian Dreamer reviewed The Infused Equestrian's entire line of naturally infused, therapeutic, rider products...and loved them all! 


March 9, 2019

EqStyleTheory informs and inspires the horse community about horsemanship, among other equestrian related topics. They reviewed our line of naturally infused, therapeutic grooming products and we scored and impressive 11/10. Yay, us! 

Horse Glam

March 5, 2019

At Horse Glam, Chloe reviews all products through the eyes of the horse. Her sassy attitude means you get an honest review. Her partner, Andrea Wise uses her experiences to help introduce readers to the many outstanding small equestrian brands that are out there waiting for you. Their review tells you about our brand. 


February 10, 2019

EqStyleTheory interviewed the founders of The Infused Equestrian to learn more about essential oils, how the company began and an alternative approach to grooming with all natural products. Read the inspiring stories of The Infused Equestrian, a company who aspires to educate the equestrian world about the powerful and helpful aspects of incorporating essential oils into your daily routine. 

The Plaid Horse Magazine

August 18, 2018

Learn what The Plaid Horse already knows! Their wonderful blog post and review about The Infused Equestrian's product line speaks volumes. Get yourself infused with small batch, hand-crafted formulas to help riders and horses alike. 

The Plaid Horse Magazine

July 13, 2017

Read The Plaid Horse's article about how The Infused Equestrian helped a show rider and horse get energized, overcome soreness and find confidence. 

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