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Anne Dolin

Principal & Essential Oiler

Anne Dolin is a successful entrepreneur and active essential oils user. With her vast knowledge of therapeutic essential oil attributes and holistic healing methodologies, she combined another passion (horses) to create The Infused Equestrian.


For years at the barn and her home, Anne has created a healthy lifestyle using essential oils and supplements. As a mother of an equestrian, she understands the challenges riders face. Training, schedules, stress, and of course their equine partner can all impact the rider and the ride. The Infused Equestrian has carefully crafted solutions for every aspect of the equestrian experience; helping animals and people feel their best to perform at their capable levels.

The Infused Equestrian was founded due to a need for a natural, healthy and oil infused experience for her daughter. After catching a wind inspired taste of commercial fly spray in the mouth, it sparked the idea, “…if we would not put this on ourselves, why would we put it on our animals?”. It was a wake-up call for sure! The swät. A Fly Spray recipe was born that week, and continues to be a best-selling product for both horses and riders alike.

Anne Dolin Owner, CEO

Sheena Bond

Chief Scientist

Sheena Bond is a scientist working as a Pharmaceutical and medical device auditor. She gained expertise working with both the French and German Certification Bodies. Sheena is an RABQSA Certified Lead Auditor and a Design Dossier Reviewer for high-risk IVD. Sheena has also worked in industry with leaders in the medical pharmaceutical and diagnostics arena. With more than 20 years of experience in the medical pharmaceutical industry, Sheena utilizes her technical and regulatory expertise to assist in implementing regulatory requirements and ensuring their Quality Management System ( QMS) compliance.

Sheena Bond, Chief Scientist

Ira Dolin

Marketing & Everything Else

Ira Dolin is a seasoned marketing veteran focused on entrepreneurial online marketing strategies and planning with exceptional communication skills. He solves complex marketing and operational problems with easy to understand clarity. As the lead designer for the brand, he oversees all creative aspects. 

Ira's work is transformational in the way it (re)positions and activates brands, making them more accessible to consumers. He succeeds on building long lasting brand relationships through clear honesty, impactful thinking and simplicity. 

Ira Dolin, Chief Marketing Officer
The Infused Equestrian Logo
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